The United Artist Film Festival Program is unlike any other film festival on the market today.

All film festivals have their festival dates, submission deadlines, screenings, awards, dinners, red carpets, events, etc...  Not one of them provide any type of confirmation, guarantee or promise that any winner will ever see the light of day when it comes to the awareness and exposure that films get when backed or owned by a major studio. 

FACT: Traditionally, the average opportunity and/or chance for an Independent film to get a studio deal and/or commercial studio level theatrical distribution from a film festival is less than 1%.  This fact goes for all film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, etc...) except for United Artist Film Festival.  We are the only film festival that guarantees a commercial studio level theatrical distribution deal (release) for ALL winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

FACT:  No film festival has ever broadcast their award ceremony or event presenting their winners on national and international television.   United Artist Film Festival will broadcast their annual event on several national and international TV networks reaching America as well as 120 other countries.  We present all the winners to the world during this event.  This allows additional exposure to millions of people around the world which provides added value to an actor, director, producer, writer and film.

United Artist Film Festival is backed and supported by major executives and companies that facilitate major studio releases. This support teams experience has a combined average of over 20 years of major studio production, distribution, media and marketing.  They have been part of and facilitated an estimated combined average of over 30 billion dollars in business from producing and releasing motion pictures to America, Canada and the world.  All members of our support team will remain confidential until our first award ceremony "The UA Event".  This event is when we announce all of the winners from our first annual film festival.  It will be a live streaming event and will also be shown on national and international TV networks; broadcast and shown to millions and millions of people all over the United States of America and 120 other countries.

This film festival is entirely online.  No additional cost needed to pay for travel, food, expenses and all the other misc. cost and charges needed to be part of any of the other film festivals.  We even have free live streaming (for members only) of our annual award ceremony, "The UA Event".   Tickets are available for additional cost to come and attend the event.

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